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My room for the weekend!

Video 16 Aug

Set up for #camping (at Heather Campground)

Text 15 Aug 93 notes What someone asks me to help them with "something small" at 4:45pm
Text 15 Aug 50 notes When it's time to start the 5 year strategic planning process
Photo 14 Aug 2,337 notes lifehackable:

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Photo 12 Aug I put the sun in this bottle

I put the sun in this bottle

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Link 11 Jul 88 notes 99% Invisible: Episode 83- Heyoon»


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Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alex Goldman was a misfit. Bored and disaffected and angry, he longed for a place to escape to. And then he found Heyoon.


(Illustration by Emile…

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